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Recycling Denim

The Recycled Denim Sweater from Amsterdams Blauw

For the passed month or so I’ve been doing research for a dutch fashion brand called “Charlie + Mary”. This brand is all about sustainability and finding sustainable and innovative materials and ways for their target group. During my research I’ve found out that it’s really hard to recycle clothes, and Charlie + Mary is not using any recycled fabrics in their collections…yet.

Scotch&Soda is not much of a competitor (it’s in a very different segment and place) but they’re doing research on recycling denim. This resulted in a fabric and sweater under the label “Amsterdams Blauw" of Scotch&Soda. The work program is named RCLD Denim Knit.

The items are all made out of the bottom part of a jeans (the legs), this is easy to use because it doesn’t contain zippers, pockets or loops. After cutting the denim in little pieces they comb the fabric it into a fluffy substance. Eventually they separate all the different colors out of the substance and then you start at the beginning of a normal process, where you only have raw cotton. All the products are not bleached or dyed what gives them all a cool and pure look. The collection is almost 20% more expensive than a normal collection, but buyers are contributing for a more sustainable supply chain in the fashion industry.
Charlie + Mary might consider using this technique for their own brand, but I think that’s still a bit to expensive. Anyway they should keep an eye out for this technique in the future!


Ah the internet. I love it! Who doesn’t? Well, small retailers maybe. Online shopping has development so fast in the last few years and now have a big role in the retail landscape. The competition has become very big. Small labels who weren’t able to afford a shop before can now easily start a webshop instead. (Kennis- en innovatieagenda 2011)

Besides the fact that the online share is getting more and more important in the fashion industry, people still want to shop in physical fashion stores. Mainly because people would like to see, feel and try  their product on before they buy it. But also the joy of shopping is an important reason. (research ABN AMBRO) Shopping is an experience! And become more en more so in the future.

Hutspot Amsterdam, Concept Store.

A good example might be Hutspot, a young concept store in Amsterdam. This amazing store is located at the van Woustraat in Amsterdam and is owned by 4 young Dutch guys. The store sells a mix of products; jewellery, clothing, antique, art and much more. The idea behind this store is that they collect a great amount of different brands who can hire space in their huge shop and all is for sale. Everything is for sale except for the dog, is the stores motto. Besides shopping, there is a café where you can have lunch and an art gallery. A store that’s all about a good atmosphere, you can hang out and where you can everything in it that you like. Shopping experience of the future?

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Images: Isabel Marant for H&M @ Courtesy of H&M

The fashion industry is full of paradoxes. This also shows in the current situation and developments in this sector. I see two extremes: on one hand we have the very big, cheap, fast fashion chains like H&M and ZARA and on the other hand I see a movement of small, quality based brands that often communicate a slow fashion message.

In addition to these two extremes, trendforcaster Lidewij Edelkoort says that the middle segment of fashion is gowing to grow in the coming years. She gives the example of the co-creation of Isabel Marant and H&M. “Now that she can play with the big boys, she’s being interviewed by all the magazines. Conditions to succeed are: start complety from your own opinion and operate self secure but with a certain modesty.” (Femke Kuijpers, 2014)

Femke Cuijpers (2014). GODMOTHER ALLER TRENDWATCHERS VOORSPELT. Geraadpleegd op 12 januari 2014 aller-trendwatchers-voorspelt